Youtube channel Termitero

A lot has happened between the digging of the first trenches, and were we are today. Halfway the build of the first module in Las Palmas del Este.

The work has been on a hold due to unforeseen circumstances, but now we are back to it since a week or two. Here, on this site I will shot step by step the process of our build. I have all documented in pictures and video’s. Some of it can be seen on facebook (In Spanish) but my intent is to use this website to show the build in a more structured manner.

Just to announce that the build is in motion again, ann the posting here will continue on a more regular basis, I also would like to indicate our youtube channel, with various featured video’s Subscribe to our channel and make sure you do not skip any new videos!

The link above is still a bit wibely wobely, but to get a pretty url I need over a 100 subscribers and as I just start to post vids that is still a long way to go.

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