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Just connected to the watergrid

This is the preparatory phase before the foundation is dug. The work site has to be prepared before the works can get started.
In theory, all the paperwork is done already. Not in our case, but were are just starting and it is Bolivia so thing go a little different here sometimes.

When I write this it is 1st of march 2020. My plan to keep track and give live updates on our build neither worked out that well. Paid writing assignments go first all the time so that Is why it is now more than a year after the facts that I finally made some time to get some detailed report going on.

Of course I have been giving updates on Facebook. Quit exceptional Most often I start website first. Now things are the other way around. Our self-built project is well on its way and just now I start with chronologically writing down what happened so far.

Also, I decided to keep it simple and not go to deep with editing so this really comes out of the heart and comes down as including the odd spelling mistakes.
So here we go. Let’s dive into my photo archive to see what was when.

Water Connection

bush cutter
Next… After connecting to the water grid I made sure to remove weeds and spiny bushes.

First of all. This is an idealistic project. But we are being pragmatic. No reason to be off grid if there is a grid right in front of our lot.
The first milestone I found in my archive was the connection of the water meter at 4th of July 2018.

The story with our lot begin years before that. I could write about the search for land and urban developments in Latin America. But for today, I think it is good to stick to what we actually did on this little 300m2 piece of earth that we may call ours.

The paperwork that went on before that is a whole lot of a story too. It took quite some time before it was actually legally ours. Another story, another time.
Today I want to go back to that day in July of 2018.

My first stressful event regarding the build. I noticed the water connection of our lot and the neighbours were actually not good aligned with the separation line of both lots. So had to make sure they fixed this during installation.

Also. A second issue. The electricity company planted a light post right in front of my future garage. I really do not understand how they could be so stupid.
Why not keep it aligned with the borders of each property?

Anyway, it is impossible to have it removed, so I had to move the garage on our drafts. Now it had to go on the other side, right were the water meter is being installed.
Thinking in the future porch had to make sure there is enough space for the garage door to open. So the water meter has to be installed in the first 10cm of our property, and not extend 50cm in.

Incredible that it can come to such a detail. But is does.

Wow. That was easy. Next week (yeah, this be e weekly thing don’t you think?) I will write about the groundwork. I planned to do so today, but than I noticed the first milestone was the water connection so that had to be done first.

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