Roof on Hyperadobe build

¡Hurrah! We have a roof

Yeah, the roof is on.

Talking about milestones. The past months have been nerve breaking, every time a clouds started packing over our heads we covered the walls with plastic. Sometimes the plastic did more damage than good,because it concentrated all the rainwater in wall eroding streams.

That is all over now.

The roof is on, and we even installed some basic electricity for lights and convenience.

Always there are next things to do. The walls need to be filled until the top, window frames are lacking and there is the clay plastering ahead. Right now I am figuring out the best order of things to continue with. The floors are pending too.

All comes at a time and with a cost.

Fact is we need to get ready to move in, so a Kitchen sink needs to be fit in somewhere, the shower connected, and oh, there is the mosquito nets too we want to use as enclosure for the corridor.

Lot’s of fun to come, but what a nice feeling to have a roof over our head!

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